Delivery   on   Sunday,  April  5th

Sicilian Tomato and Artichoke Soup

Cream of Asparagus

A signature blend of roasted tomatoes, artichokes and chicken simmered in Fearless Foods hand crafted chicken stock and fresh herbs.

Fresh spring asparagus sauteed with hand selected vegetables simmered in Fearless Foods vegetable stock and completed with cream. 

Classic Italian lasagna.  Pasta layered with seasoned ground sirloin, Italian sausage, marinara, ricotta and mozzarella cheese.  

Classic Deep Dish Lasagna

FREE bread with each purchase!

Cream of Mushroom Soup

 Delivery on Sunday, April 12th

Beef Barley Soup

 A savory blend of wild and domestic mushrooms finished with roasted garlic and herbs.


Herb roasted beef brochettes simmered with fresh vegetables and toasted barley.


Crisp greens, kale, shaved brussel sprouts, bacon, cranberries, walnuts and blue cheese.  


FF Chopped Salad

with Balsamic Honey Vinaigrette

FREE cookies with each purchase!

Easter Morning Egg Bake 


Enjoy a special treat Easter morning!  Egg bake includes ham, bacon, onion, cheddar cheese and potatoes.



 Delivery  on  Sunday, April 19th 

Clam Chowder

A classic east coast blend of clams simmered in a seafood broth with cream and potatoes.


Chicken Florentine 

Chef selected vegetables roasted to perfection and finished with chicken breast, spinach and Fearless Foods signature chicken stock.  


FREE bread with each purchase!

 Delivery on Sunday, April 26th  

Broccoli Cheddar Soup


Tender steamed broccoli married with sharp cheddar sauce and Fearless Foods spices.


Classic and comforting.  A blend of fresh vegetables stewed in Fearless Foods hand crafted vegetable stock.


Spring Berry Salad

Grandma's Chocolate Chip Cookies

Blend of crisp romaine and organic spring greens with cucumber, carrot, radish, almond and red cabbage topped with seasonal fresh berries.  Balsamic Basil Vinaigrette provided on the side!


Grandma's recipe!