Receiving a delivery today?

Exciting!  Thanks for your purchase!  Deliveries occur Sunday morning between 8am-Noon.   

What can I expect?

Fearless Foods will send a confirmation text Saturday evening providing delivery instructions for the following morning.  Please ensure you've provided your cell phone number for communication at the time of purchase.  On the morning of your delivery Fearless Foods will send an initial text notifying you when your group is next on our delivery schedule.  A second text will be sent when your items have been placed at your front door!  We are providing a contact free delivery and will not be ringing door bells or knocking on doors (unless otherwise requested).  

If you believe your items will be left at your front door longer than 30 minutes Fearless Foods requests you leave a cooler outside to house your items.  

Any questions or concerns please reach Angela at 269-274-5962.